The Rise of an Empire

Three years ago I knew I wanted, or more to the point, needed to build my love of story telling into something that would provide me with income and a life worth living. I was already published and writing erotic romances, having built a good relationship with publishers, editors, and my readers. The plan was simply to just write more. That was three years ago and if you follow me at all personally, you know my entire life has been upended and completely transformed. That's not a complaint, I love my life now, however, it did require a shift in the original "empire" plan.

As I live a very spiritual life and I walk very closely with angels and spirit guides as my council, together over the last two years a plan has been formed for this writing empire I desire. You've already seen the beginning of it with the story blogs. I've worked very hard creating these. I've experienced many tries and fails, many stops and starts, all the while feeling terrible for yanking around those of you who so faithfully follow me and look forward to my writings.

There were moments I thought I really needed to stop trying, just go back to the original plan... though by that point, the original plan never could have satisfied my soul. I tried to be positive and used determination and will, but when

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