A Little Starlight Key/Harbor Gardens Update.

Obviously there are more changes afoot.

In the last month my spiritual path has ignited and everything in my life is being touched by this new energy. It's truly the most remarkable thing I've ever experienced. There is nothing in my life untouched or unchanged and that includes my fiction.

I had several people write me about Harbor Gardens and when I'd be putting up the next episode, but with what all was going on in my spiritual life, I knew I couldn't answer because it simply hadn't been revealed yet. Now is has and the changes are already underway!

There are now seven separate series. Rather than trying to wrap all these stories in one, think of this more like the marvel universe. They don't make a movie where they're telling Iron Man's story side by side with The Hulk... There may be future projects where characters cross storylines, but each series is told in its purity. Same thing is happening here, each of my main series is getting its own dedicated storyblog!

You'll see new headers all with the "Samantha Lucas Presents" label on them and "A Starlight Key Production" and there is a new Facebook page just for this world and my fiction. This is a shift to

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