A Large Vision

I am a story teller. It's getting worse and worse the older I get. I swear I could see myself as the old woman by the camp fire telling tales to the tribe all day and night. God, I'd love that.

So this week was a bit of a vacation for me, having gotten all the structure together for my fiction and non-fiction worlds, I was quite literally exhausted. I've been creating a ton of new content, but I'm waiting to start putting it up until I feel like there's some balance in it all. I do, however, have more and more coming on line every day, so please check the website fairly regularly for the latest. Also "like" the new FB page for the latest updates.

It's just funny to me how it seems the problem all this time, well one of them, but the one I kept missing, was not to make the stories and the worlds smaller, but bigger. If you are reading all seven of the blogs, you may not catch on right away how, but I promise you, each series bleeds into the next.

I do want to remind everyone that while the stories on the blogs are free to read, there will be full length books of the same material for those who don't want to wait months to know where the story leads, also each full length novel does have extended scenes, bonus scenes and explicit content. I'm really hoping you fall in love with these characters and want to know more about them.

In the meantime, I've got a new writing blog, or it's more a blog for creative thought. With the new fall television season looming, I wanted a place to dissect and discuss all the new fall shows I love, and on a side note, we have added ABC's Forever to the short list of favorite shows. However, the blog... so it'll be a place to chat about the things that inspire my creativity on the whole, movies, music, games, etc. You can find it on the home page of my author site www.samanthalucasromances.com. All writing blogs you'll find on that site and all spiritual blogs you'll find on The Life I Write. It seems complicated and I do appreciate you all for working so hard to keep up. Know I'm always looking for ways to streamline, however I truly do believe that these last changes, these truly are the last changes. I have a huge vision, but my empire is built now... now I just have to grow it.

Starlight Key Productions is the very thing I kept saying I'd been building for the last three years and it finally has a name. That's exciting, if still a bit daunting.

I guess the next thing is just to start revealing stories. The summer was a lot more hectic and busy than I had hoped, so let's hope as we settle into fall, these changes and tweaks will lead to a beautiful season of love, romance and hearth stopping stories.. so stay tuned! ;-)

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