Starlight Key is a world drenched in rich story lines, unforgettable characters and twin flame soul bonds. It's a place where love always wins and twin flames ignite the magic. Where immortals and angels, witches and werewolves, hide in the shadows, where bondage and domination, a secret society and an ancient legend all live. It is never one story, but many threads all weaving together in harmony to tell an epic tale of love and heartache, dark and light, soul mates and Twin Souls.

In Starlight Key sex transcends the holy realms and eroticism is intensely spiritual. There is a magical power, awakened only when twin souls unite that brings balance to the unseen layers of our world, calming the grieving mind and healing the tortured heart, fusing in the most powerful physical bliss anyone will ever know.

Open your mind to a new way of story telling and be prepared to surrender your heart to the Key.

*Free Episodes will not include explicit content. However, full episodes with bonus and extended scenes as well as explicit content are available for purchase in e-book format on Smashwords and Amazon.
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Harbor Gardens Waterfront ~ Episode 6

Harbor Key ~ Surfside Plaza ~

“When I said I wanted to take you out to dinner, I had sort of meant, alone.” Beck leaned close and lowered his voice so only Summer would hear him.
She inhaled his sexy, woodsy cologne and snickered as their small group made their way to where the band set up was.
“If I had realized that—” She smirked up at him. “—I wouldn’t have said yes.” She touched his cheek somewhat patronizingly.
It wasn’t true, she knew exactly what he meant, but she wasn’t sure she was ready to be alone with him. This was Beck, after all, the man who drove all her teenage girl fantasies and all of a sudden he was interested in her? They’d been hanging out for more than a week now and every time he’d come by, she’d make an excuse not to be alone with him. She half figured he’d get bored and disappear, but he hadn’t. The whole thing was surreal and she wasn’t sure she could trust it yet.
Plus, she’d had very legitimate reasons to change their plans. There was the water gun fight in the pool that just happened to be going on when he arrived to take her to lunch and she needed him to referee, it was very important. There was the impromptu barbecue she’d decided to throw in Drys’ honor on the same day she and Beck may have been planning a walk along the beach… but in her defense, they had taken a walk along the beach… just not alone. Like the movie she was going to see with him the other night. It wasn’t her fault that Isabelle had insisted going along.
“So Grey’s gone now?” Cay asked as they neared the tables.
“You’re off duty, Cay. And he told me to tell you that too.” Beck grinned.
He did have the most adorable smile.
“Anyone have a table preference?” Drys asked the group.
It was so nice having Cay with them this time, even if she had decided to wear painter’s overalls and glasses. Isabelle was dressed prettily in a long blue sundress and her blonde hair was piled partly atop her head, the rest hanging down her back. Drys of course was in his usual, jeans and a black tee and she had elected to wear white pants and a pink tank with a white blouse laying open over it.
Since no one had a preference, Drys led them to a large table right at the stage. Beck held her chair and the two men went to get drinks for everyone.
“So is this still, not a date?” Cay leaned across the table and grabbed Summer’s hand.
Summer pressed her lips together really wishing everyone would stop asking her that.
“No, this is a reconnaissance mission. We’re going to find out more about Izzy’s guitar player.”
“Hey!” Isabelle protested.
“Don’t argue with me, that dress says it all.” Summer hoped she made her point and if not, she at least hoped she had managed to deflect attention off her and Beck.
Isabelle’s mouth dropped open. She looked down her dress then up to Summer and finally Cay.
“It’s just a dress.” She moved her hands up and down her body displaying the dress.
“Summer’s just trying to get us not to talk about her and Beck.” Cay gave Summer a look that said she would not be fooled, then looked back to Isabelle. “And you look lovely.”
The men rejoined them and set the drinks down on the table, a variety of concoctions, colors and glass shapes. Summer noticed the band had arrived and were beginning to set up. She also noticed when Nik saw Isabelle. He smiled and waved, not to the table, to Isabelle.
Isabelle turned a light pink and waved back. It was adorable and Summer was more convinced than ever

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