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Sunday, May 24, 2015

How this works...

There is a place where witches and mermaids hide in the shadows. Where Hollywood is larger than life and where vendettas are all in the family. Through all the passion and treachery of this magical world there is a remnant ancient race of immortals who guard the human realms. They are about to face their greatest test ever. Welcome to Starlight Key.

The earth is home to seven billion people. We live our lives, working, loving, experiencing joy, heartbreak and sorrow. Now our world is on the verge of a catastrophic reset which will allow darkness to finally reign. Only 7 legendary love stories will stand between humanity and annihilation. As the forces of darkness determine to keep the holy seven apart from their destined mates, an immortal and a demon step in to face the coming danger. Gathering a small band of rebels and misfits, they will seek out the seven suns and their mates, doing everything possible to accommodate reunion between these sacred souls.

Time, however, is rapidly running out and love rarely runs smooth, even at the best of times.

In a world where light battles dark, this time our fate truly does lie in the hands of extraordinary sacred soul bonds.

Welcome to Starlight Key and The Seven Suns of the Apocalypse.

Starlight Key will have a new scene posted every night to Patreon, think Monday through Friday, from now until Labor day. A scene is exactly what it sounds like, it may be 300 words, it may be 5 thousand words, just depends on the scene. I will be posting on blogs as well at the start, in the hopes of getting seen. That being said, I don't intend to necessarily continue with the blogs, I'm not committed to that, we'll see what the reception is like.

I AM however committed to Patreon.

I will be putting these episodes up for free, however, if you are a patron, you get ALL the content, and you get it first. I'll put it up on Patreon exclusively the night before. You also get unedited scenes, extended scenes, carefully labeled explicit content when applicable, as well as each week's scenes compiled in a downloadable episode format for those of you subscribing at the $5 level or above.

For patrons, once we get in a couple weeks, I'm going to start putting the scenes up for a vote, who do you want to see next? Whoever gets the most votes from the choices given, will be the next scene that plays. So this is a story you'll have some control in and I hope you'll think that's cool. I do.

The world of Starlight Key has many players, but these stories all do connect, even if they don't appear to for a while. This is a long winding tale of love, humanity and soul bonds and I am beside myself excited to be sharing it with everyone. I am asking you all for one thing... I want to continue sharing this story for free, and you all right here give me the most hope for that.

Those of you who can support my mission here by your monthly subscription, I thank you deeply.

Those who can't, please spread the word. I need people to find this story. I know it has an audience, I just need to find them... prayer, energy, subscribing through Patreon and sharing the info, that's what I'm asking for. You all have supported me so much these past few years, this is my moment... I need my miracle now and I have faith in you all to help this thing come to life!

Sagittarius Ascendant - Now a part of Starlight Key

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